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Choral Showcase 1899-2006

8:00pm Sat 12 August 2006

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Concert Hall

Price: $150 ($90*)
* For full-time students, senior citizens, and physically challenged individuals

HKYPC will present to you an evening of choral music. We will feature Rutter's Requiem in its original 7-piece instrumentation. We are also premiering two works by Hong Kong composers: Antique Clock by Stella Tsang, and Moon is Bright by Jerry Hui. Other highlights include music by Elgar, Whitacre, Gershwin and Hwang Yau-tai.

Programme include:

John Rutter Requiem
Soprano Solo: Yuki Ip
Flute: Nelson Wong
Oboe: Victor Tam
Glockenspiel: Chan Wai Hian
Timpani: Ng Cheuk Ting
Harp: Barbara Sze
Cello: Joyce Chan
Organ: Wong Kin-yu
Stella Tsang Antique Clock*
Flute: Nelson Wong
Glockenspiel: Chan Wai Hian
Piano: Alan Chu
Jerry Hui Moon is Bright+
Huang Yau-tai To Forget
Lee Lok-on Deserted Town
Edward Elgar “Nimrod” from Enigma Variations
Eric Whitacre Water Night
George Gershwin (arr. Roderick Williams) Summer Time
Joe Garland (arr. Peter Gritton) In the Mood

* World premiere; + Hong Kong preimiere

Music Director: Virginia Cheng

Piano Accompaniment: Stephen Wong (guest appearance), Alan Chu

HK Ticketing applies a customer service fee to all tickets purchased via its network. This fee is additional to the face value of the ticket and is payable upon purchase of tickets.

Tickets are available by mid-July from HK Ticketing’s box offices ?located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Fringe Club and Asia World-Expo as well as Tom Lee Music Stores.

HKYPC reserves the right to change the programme or performer without prior notice

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合唱精選集 1899-2006



票價: $150 ($90*)

HKYPC 將為你演出一連串動人的合唱曲目, 包括以七件樂器伴奏原典版本的瑞特《安魂曲》,香港作曲家曾麗明的《古鐘》 (世界首演) 及許子維的《月光光》(香港首演)﹔其他精選包括艾爾加, 韋塔克, 蓋希文,黃友棣等的作品。


瑞特 安魂曲
女高音: 葉葆菁
長笛: 黃念郇
雙簧管: 譚子輝
鋼片琴: 陳煒軒
定音鼓: 伍卓廷
豎琴: 施盈琳
大提琴: 陳樂欣
管風琴: 黃健羭
曾麗明 古鐘*
長笛: 黃念郇
鋼片琴: 陳煒軒
鋼琴: 朱偉恆
許子維 月光光+
黃友棣 遺忘
李樂安 荒城
艾爾加 謎語變奏曲之<寧錄>
韋塔克 水之夜
蓋希文 (威廉士 編) 夏日時光
嘉蘭 (格里頓 編) 喜悅心情

* 世界首演; + 香港首演

音樂總監: 鄭瑋菁

鋼琴伴奏: 黃偉榮 (客席表演), 朱偉恆


門票將於七月中旬在快達票售票網公開發售: 位於香港會議展覽中心、香港演藝學院、藝穗會及香港國際博覽館的售票處,以及遍佈全港的通利琴行。

HKYPC 保留更改節目或表演者之權利